Pink and purple blessed exorcism salt Candles I made for practicing Lent

Lent – Pink and Purple Blessed Exorcism Candles in Tall Glass Jars

I decided to practice Lent with some pink and purple (Lent colors) Blessed Exorcism Salt Candles. In total I made 7 pink and purple Blessed Exorcism Salt candles for Lent. The image above has four of the Blessed Exorcism Salt Candles I made. The pink ones have a French Vanilla scent while the purple ones have nothing extra added other than the purple dye itself.

I gave up drinking alcohol for Lent as well as fast food. I gave up drinking alcohol before Lent had started though and haven’t drank alcohol once this year so far. I decided to add in something else as well so I added in fast food as well since I quit alcohol long before Lent or a few months before Lent had even started.

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