I’m Wick and I’m a designer (Not specified to a country as I don’t believe in this type of stuff myself). I’m just a White Christian and/or guy that makes candles or is a candle designer. Why I don’t specify a country and I don’t make Christian type candles usually either unless on the side as a hobby or something like this alone usually.

I am from The United States, but I have Northern European ancestry from multiple countries alone. I’m from Europe basically and to me it’s a matter of pride (The 7 Deadly Sins) alone to specify my country and that I’m a designer from The United States myself.

This website has a section dedicated to Christianity and/or Jesus Christ (The Christ – Jesus is Lord) The Lord and Savior plus God (1 John 2:22) as well. I believe in bringing Jesus Christ (The Christ) plus God anywhere I go.

Var Wick

Var = Variables

Wick = part of my last name.

All the variables of geometry alone if not math itself.

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